Sales Promotion

Promotional Support

We propose the best sales strategy and support for cooperative sales promotions.

We will provide suggestions for the most optimised sales strategy that is best for your company and fully support your promotional activities effectively to improve the results based on our abundant experience and knowledge.

Sales Consulting
Surrogate sales(B to B, B to C)
Sales consulting
DM Marketing
Sales Marketing
Sales promotion

PR Business

Consultation for planning and proposing promotional strategies for products and services for companies or organisations who are our clients.
We provide media relation services that involve information distribution, information management and correspondence for each type of media.

Media relations
Promote media that is based on media planning.
Create and distribute news articles and documents.
Plan and administer press releases and seminars.
Marketing PR
Plan and create promotions
Advertising agency duties
Web publicity
Plan and create publicity advertisements
Plan and create advertisements that are tied up with articles.

Event Business

We provide a wide range of plans that are focused on events.

We offer services for planning, managing and consulting for various events regardless of the size of the business including sports, entertainment and local government businesses from attracting customers to sales.

Private fair
Plan, create and manage private fairs
Propose ideas for advertising and attracting customers
Sales promotional events
Plan, create and manage sales promotions
Design sales and promotion concepts, select venues, set up and operate
Design and operate exhibition booths and various household goods.
Design concepts for exhibition booths, zoning plans, drafting and construction space plans.
Plan and create various goods which will be used at the exhibitions, events and show rooms.
Set up and arrange operations

Media business

We will fully support the utilisation of mass media, from proposing, planning and producing.

From proposing the utilisation of mass media such as TV, radio and newspaper, we will also offer total support from planning and creating film, web and paper based media.

Mass media
Design and create TV and radio programmes and advertisements
Design and create newspaper and magazine advertisements
Design and create filmmaking
Design, create and manage homepages and mobile phone websites.
Print media
Design and create posters, brochures, leaflets and transport advertisements
Design and create free papers, etc.

Communication Services

We provide various types of communication services.

We promote and offer various communication services such as data communication, the Internet and telephone with the most optimised suggestions.

Brokerage service involving sales of communication services including Broadband
Sales of products such as mobile phones, brokerage service of communication services of mobile media as well as consulting services.
Mobile marketing solution, planning and operating promotional campaigns
Network solution
Brokerage service of sales of cable broadcasting business services
Sales of internet related devices and application softwares.

Human Management Business

We dispatch the most adequate people that hold the necessary skills that match the needs of your company timely and responsively when required.

  • License for Fee-Charging Employment Placement Businesses number :27-ユ-300299

Sports Entertainment

At R-Dash, we operate an overseas try-out for soccer players and a business connecting players to clubs due to the recent increase in the interest of soccer players that want to go overseas.
Additionally, we assist in finding employment for athletes in general and mediate in finding part-time work also.

Management of FC Osaka (professional soccer team)
・FC Osaka(Top team)
・FC Osaka U-18 Sayama
・FC Osaka CRAVO(Female soccer team)
・FC Osaka VIDA(Senior team)
Sports Business(Domestic and International)
Fully support finding employment for athletes and promote the value of companies and athletes.

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